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Matching roofing/siding coverage and why you need it on your home insurance.

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

How old is your siding or roof? 3, 5, maybe 10 or more years old? Many homeowners don't know this but materials companies are constantly phasing out their products to roll out new ones. What happens if a huge gust of wind or a combination of wind/hail nails only one side of your house, or one slope of your roof?

The insurance company will typically cover the damaged portion of your roof or siding. That's great, except if you're unable to find a matching product. Most folks would prefer to not have a mismatched house, nor do they want to cover the undamaged 3 sides out of pocket.

South Lake Agency works with many top carriers that offer roofing and siding undamaged materials coverage as an optional endorsement. Essentially this means that if you have a partial loss, and your siding or shingles are no longer made, and the materials can't be matched, they will cover the cost to replace your entire roof or redo your siding. This extremely inexpensive endorsement is often overlooked until you have a claim, but not having it can easily cost you thousands of dollars.

Next time you're looking for insurance, ask your agent to include coverage for both matching roofing and siding coverage, especially if you live in a hail and wind-prone state like Minnesota or Wisconsin.

And remember, steer clear of "storm chasers". These folks travel state to state looking for the most recent hail storm. They oftentimes create new companies, throw up less-than-perfect roofs, and their off to the next state never to be heard from again. If you suspect you have damage, please contact either your agent or a local, trusted exteriors and roofing professional to talk about next steps.

Please use us as a resource if you have questions, and don't forget we're happy to help next time you're looking for insurance. We work with many top carriers, as opposed to just one, to find you the best rates and coverage. Stay safe this storm season!

Andrew Biscay

President, South Lake Agency Inc






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