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South Lake Agency makes global tree-planting commitment

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

We know how important the earth is, that's why South Lake Agency continues to work toward reducing our footprint and leaving a better planet behind for future generations.

We've implemented many strategies into our business, including having paperless document delivery be the default for all new clients. This alone has saved tens of thousands of printed documents from being mail across the region.

Because of the recent deforestation and wildfires in the Amazon, and elsewhere in the world, we've decide to ramp up our efforts.

Starting today, August 22nd, we've committed to funding the planting of 1 new tree for every new client, as well as every previous client not enrolled in paperless that changes their delivery preferences.

We have a year-end goal of one thousand new planted trees, and will be making contributions weekly to assist with efforts.

If you would like to make further contributions, please visit:

Andrew Biscay

President, South Lake Agency


South Lake Agency is committed to the environment, and you.



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