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Age 55+ drivers can save 10% on auto insurance by taking a defensive driving class in MN

Are you age 55, or over? You can save at least 10% on your auto insurance premium at all auto insurance carriers in Minnesota by enrolling in a 55+ defensive driving class.

  • The first class is 8 hours

  • Each "refresher" is just 4 hours, and taken every 3 years

  • The class can be done in-class, or online

  • The cost of the class can vary from $20-$30

  • We recommend signing up early, as the classes are very popular

  • You'll generally receive a 10% discount on one car, per person, per class. (example: 2 drivers take the class, discount on 2 cars)

  • You will get a certification of completion after the class. You can simply give that to your agent, or company.

We personally love using Sherol Christian (instructor with the state program), and she hosts a lot of classes in the Shorewood/South Lake area.

See below for a list of Sherol's classes. You can call 888-234-1294 to enroll in a class.

Tip: Make sure you enroll for the 8 hour course if this is your first time.

South Lake Agency would also love to earn a chance to quote your policies for additional savings!

Check out OR call Andrew Biscay at 952-856-5500

Thanks, and drive safe!


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Patriot IB
Patriot IB
Apr 11, 2022

Comparing with dozens of trusted carriers, you’re guaranteed the lowest rates in Minnesota

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